Angel Investors: Not So Fast

One of the advanatages of working with angel groups is that they can move faster than institutional venture firms.  From my own experience as an angel, one of the best investments I ever made was based on a one hour meeting with the founders, a half-dozen page “plan” and confirmation that someone I knew and respected in a prior life was active in the deal.  Bang.  $25k check less than 24 hours from first hearing about the deal.  While I suspect there are still angels and angel groups out there that move fast, at least here in Wisconsin there seems no shortage of angel groups that make even VCs look like speedy decision makers.  My take is simple: when an angel group starts looking, process wise, as or more time consuming bureaucratic as a VC firm, you might as well, as an entrepreneur, focus your efforts on the real VCs.


About Paul A. Jones

Serial venture capital backed entrepreneur, angel investor and venture capital investor; Co-chair of the VentureBest team at Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP.
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