Global Warming Skeptic: Alternative Energy Enthusiast

In an earlier post, I summarized the thinking behind my skepticism about man-made global warming.  Some readers have inferred that my skepticism about global warming means that I am skeptical about the alternative energy business.  Actually, while I am always at least a little skeptical about any bandwagon that has gotten as much hype as the alternative energy bandwagon of late, I am quite enthused about the alternative energy business.  Whatever one’s take on global warming, the case for cleaner energy sources that are less vulnerable to international political machinations is quite compelling.  As a national security issue, first, and a general “let’s keep our environmental footprint smaller rather than larger when practical” perspective, second, investing in plausible alternative energy technologies is a great idea.  Something worth doing for ourselves, not just future generations, whether the global warming threat is real or not.


About Paul A. Jones

Serial venture capital backed entrepreneur, angel investor and venture capital investor; Co-chair of the VentureBest team at Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP.
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