The Smartphone: (Vacation) Enabling Technology

Now that the summer vacation season is upon us, the usual critiques of our increasingly connected society are popping up.  People long for simpler times when going on vacation meant disconnecting from the world of work.  Well I, for one, think these critiques are way off base.  Yes, it can be annoying to have work issues intrude on vacation time, and yes, managing those intrusions effectively can be problematic now and again.  But from where I sit (or stand, as when I’m playing golf) the admitted costs of staying connected while “off the clock” are more than compensated for by the increased opportunities to go “off the clock” that being connected make possible.  More specifically, if it wasn’t for the fact that I can stay connected while on the course, or the beach, or the water, I would be spending a lot less time in those places.  Staying connected 24/7, for me, is an enabling technology; among other things, it enables me to “get away” more often than I could if I had to stay hardwired to the office.


About Paul A. Jones

Serial venture capital backed entrepreneur, angel investor and venture capital investor; Co-chair of the VentureBest team at Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP.
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