About Paul Jones

Paul Jones has been around the high-tech entrepreneurship and venture capital space for twenty-five years.  He began his career with Cooley Godward, one of Silicon Valley’s leading law firms, and subsequently practiced law in North Carolina with Womble Carlyle and, today, with the Venture Best team at Michael Best and Friedrich in Wisconsin, where he is Chair of the Venture Best group.  Along the way, he was also a serial venture capital backed entrepreneur, and angel investor, and a co-founder/co-manager of a $26 million early stage venture capital fund.  He has been a director of public and private companies, and an Entrepreneur of the Year and President of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development in North Carolina, and was the first Entrepreneur in Residence at the College of Business at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.  He also serves as the Fund Investment Adviser for Angels on the Water, a Wisconsin Angel investment fund.

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