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Back to the Future with Watson

When I began my career way back in 1985, in Silicon Valley, artificial intelligence (AI) was one of the trendier technology plays.  I always had – and still have – a problem with the notion of artificial intelligence, mostly because … Continue reading

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American Manufacturing and Innovation

American Manufacturing and Innovation An article by Louis Uchitelle in the February 13, 2011 New York Times posits that the decline of American manufacturing will likely lead to a decline in American innovation.  Alas, Mr. Uchitelle’s  premise, shared, I think, … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Investment Banks

In my previous post, I suggested, in my customary direct manner, that when it comes to finders and their fees, most early stage high-impact entrepreneurs should say no.  I wanted to clarify that my comments in that post are directed … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Finders

Raising risk capital is always a challenge, and even more so in times (like now) and places (like the Upper Midwest) where risk capital is particularly scarce.  It can be hard for an entrepreneur, confident as he is about his … Continue reading

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